CRMA 8 Hour Bridge
Course Description

This class is for CRMA's needing to upgrade their 24 hour certificate to a 40 hour certification. This class must be taken before the 24 hour certification expires, or the student will need to complete an entire 24 or 40 hour course to obtain certification.


This class must be taken before the 24 hour certification expires. If the existing 24 hour certification expires, the 40 hour class will need to be taken, in order to receive the 40 hour CRMA certification.
Fees for 8 Hour Bridge Course

Tuition - $100*

Book - $20 

*$30 is nonrefundable. Refunds will be granted where good cause is determined, but at the sole discretion of the course instructor.  

Please keep in mind that we CANNOT reserve a seat unless payment has been received. If you do not send payment prior to the start date of class - you MUST bring payment with you on the first day. No exceptions. 

If you are paying with a check or money order, please make payable to: Healing Spirit Healthcare, LLC

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Pay Online with PayPal

You now have the option of paying via PayPal! You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to use this feature.

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Training Schedule for 2019

This course is open for enrollment every Friday, with the following exceptions:

If a legal Holiday is on Friday.

Please call ahead to enroll. Class begins at 9:30am (unless otherwise discussed with the instructor).

Please come prepared. State of Maine Regulations no longer permit Instructors to provide students with a material review. All studying must be done independently.  If you would like a copy of the Study Guide to study with, you must first pay your tuition in-full.  

If you pay for your Recert/Bridge course and obtain a study guide but do not show up for class - you will not qualify for a refund.
8 Hr Bridge Course + Study Guide (optional) .....$100

Bridge Study Guide (purchase without course)... $20
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